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The metadata universe

Metadata is the birth certificate for cultural industries content on-line. It is data describing data. Therefore a resource, a work of art, once properly described or tagged using metadata, will become traceable on networks. Consequently we are able to listen, read, watch such content and pay their creators and contributors. There are many types of metadata and consumption data, MetaD is your guide trough those expanding galaxies.

Metadata vocabulary glitches in the Music Industry – The need for new bridges...

6 state reasons to index a sound recording with metadata

Fall 2016 #MusicMetadata endeavours – CISAC ISWC Service, DDEX-RIN and a new unique musical work ID all on the horizon?

In Nashville, moving towards DDEX-RIN and SOCAN registrations

Music Identity (Common Metadata) Standard

TGiT Third Party Transmissions under planning

Bearing Point France and Berklee Fair Music studies struggling to define music metadata standards

Musimorphoses – How to reach a better and more open music metadata eco-system

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